War Lord

Words and Music by Spirit of the Ecstasy
© 2013 All rights reserved

Your lord's the war lord
your time is war time
your chime is war crime
your tool is your cool
your toy is your gun
your con is your fun
you can't see you are only used
to kill your friends
you're on the loose
it's not a game, it's not a ply
an armed child is the first to die

All is fair in love and war
when all is said and all is done
time to lay down this ugly gun
you're just a kid who's on the run


You can't recall when you were young
she cared for you it was your mum
now she's dead killed by your friends
who brought you then to their camp


You learned to use the cattle's cord
you learned to pray and praise the Lord
now you pay homage to
a murderer, a war lord


It's time to run away from there
it's time to meet who really care
it's time to wash your bloddy hands
become a child, take the chance