Spirit's Equipment Site

Please note this is Spirit's currently used equipment. It is not neccessarily what was used while recording recent songs.


Jackson JS32 Kelly with Floyd Rose Tremolo black
Hagstrom Vintage II Cosmic Blackburst
Ibanez RG321 Mahagony Royal Blue
(for solo guitar purpose Ibanez' WIZARD neck is pretty comfortable)
Epiphone Les Paul Custom blask-gold
Hagstrom XL2 Burgundy Burst

Strings Dean Markley Signature 008
Daddario EHR330

Picks Fender Triangle heavy white
Effects Dunlop Crybaby
Cabling Klotz
Amplification Marshall Valvestate VS100
Marshall MG100DFX
Marshall MG412
Tuning Thomann Harley Benton GT6/200


Noname Bass Guitar I bought accidentially but it worked out properly (in fact, I don't care what's written on this thing as long as it kicks your ass)
Career RIK-400 black with Rickenbacker Hardware

Strings Thomastik-Infeld JF364 Superlong scale
Picks Fender Triangle heavy white
Cabling Klotz
Amplification Marshall MG100DFX - directly recorded
Undertones DI-boxed

Tuning Thomann Harley Benton GT6/200


Miking audio-technica
Cabling Klotz
Tuning Guinness extra stout :-) (sometimes a glass of milk is recommendable)


Shells and fittings Pearl et al
16"x16" (Floortom)
22"x16" (twice)
Snare Basix 14"x6.5"
(during the recording process I used a 13"x5" Pearl snare)

Drumheads Pearl, Remo, Aquarian
Hardware Dixon, Mapex, Stagg et al. (regularly I test cymbals at a friend's drum shop prior to buying the cymbal plus a new stand, that's why I got such a collection by now - does anybody care about?)
Pedals dw 6000 series (seems to play sometimes even without my feet - perfect stuff)

Paiste PST3 10" Splash
Sabian AAX O-Zone 12" Splash (that's nice)
Paiste Alpha 12" Metal Splash
WuHan 12" China
Paiste 14" Signature Sound Edge Hihat
Sabian 13" AAX Hihat
Paiste Alpha 14" Thin Crash
Paiste PST5 16" Thin Crash
Sabian AAX 16" X-Plosion Fast Crash
Paiste PST5 17" Medium Crash
Paiste PST5 18" Rock Crash
Paiste PST5 19" Rock Crash
Paiste PST3 18" China
Paiste PST3 20" Ride (used as heavy Crash)
Paiste Alpha 20" Metal Crash
Sabian B8 20" Ride
WuHan 20" China
Cowbell (I don't remember where this silly thing came from...)
Sticks Vincent
Converse AllStar Boots (a comfortable shoe with perfect grip and heavy sole)
Meinl MDG glove (better grip and some protection for my left hand drumming guitar players should care for)
Tuning Casio SA46 (what a boring job)