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Legacy Magazin Review of "Dictators", September 2013

After his debut album released 2011, Spirit of the Ecstasy was busy again for about a year writing songs and lyrics for not less than 17 new songs of particular intensity. From spring 2012 to fall 2012, once again Spirit played all instruments during dozens of studio sessions, and production was finished by spring 2013. Later this year, the material of Spirit’s latest double release was compiled into a comprehensive double album released in limited number for the guests of the artists 50th  birthday only, incidentally sold out by now. Markus Seibel from Legacy, one of the leading Heavy Metal journals in Germany, had the opportunity to pick through this brand new albums, writing about in its A-Z Reviews of the September 2013 issue:

„This release of Blasket-Records is a quite unusual album. I’m talking about ´Dictators – Audiophile Release Party Edition´ of the south German artist, here dealing with dictatorship as thematic core. First, it’s a recommendation to use headphones in a preferably tranquil environment since the listener can look for a whole pile of surprises awaiting him. The double album released in limited number of copies provides more than two hours playing time, however the message of this opus is solid and structured well. Choirs of rhythm guitars get permission to rage a little, shining in roaring depth now and again, well audible in the song „More Dictators“. Particularly the songs „Dictators“ and „The Scales“ emphasize the artist’s artistic horizon; even if not overcharged, the listener is required not just a few. Prodigious melodies get embedded in atmospheric profundity, mated by what’s simply called Rock’n’Roll. It’s substantial Hard’n’Heavy, persuasive and satisfying as far as possible. At all hazards, this release is worth to be tried out, no matter if you’re actually not interested in merely Rock’n’Roll, purposing to personally specify this genre wider, or already did so. (MSE)“.

Within a range from 1 to 15 points, Legacy Magazine’s A-Z Reviews awarded Spirit of the Ecstasy’s „Dictators“ albums with 11 points. See the original online review (German language) on LEGACY here.

First interview with Spirit, January 2012

After release of the debut album "Gelbcreutz of Injustice" Spirit has been interviewed for the first time by Harald Deschler of Legacy magazine. Read the online issue here (German language):

Rocktimes.de Review of "Gelbcreutz of Injustice", August 2011

Rocktimes.de writer Markus Kerren has reviewd Spirit's debut album "Gelbcreutz of Injustice" during August 2011. Here's what he was resuming:

„According to his MySpace page, the multi-instrumentalist Spirit comes from Baden-Württemberg or is at least based there. However, his love of Thin Lizzy was enough to draw him more and more often to Ireland where lived for a while in the nineties. “Gelbcreutz of Injustice” is his first solo album after years of working in different bands. It is also the first ever release on the new Blasket Records label. The 13 tracks laid down are both extremely reminiscent in style and vocals of Motörhead. Wonderfully rumbling, uncouth, raw and vivid Heavy Rock, which also relies on quite melodic, rough vocals alongside all hardness. It is heartening how a song-grenade like “Blitzkrieg Over Birmingham” or “Cadger” hits you right between the eyes. So to recap: the rhythmic instruments rumble beautifully but fiercely, whilst the guitar riffs and solos let rip.
Deeply rooted in Rock’n‘Roll, for example, is the song “Noise of Pleasure”, which joyfully invites listeners rock with its licks and chord progressions. Stylistically it is all reminiscent of Lemmy’s team, but very skilfully done – the songwriting, the arrangements, the vocals.

Lyrically, the self-professed anti-drugs musician talks about fun and having a good time (“Give me a Pint”), but the disc also takes on social and political issues (e.g. “Spirit of the Ecstasy”). Check out the wrecking-balls including “Blitzkrieg over Birmingham”, “The Stoker” or “Spirit of the Ecstasy”. ”I Want You” or “Imperial Breakfast” offer the listener a fine heavy groove.
Direct influences from Thin Lizzy or even Gary Moore (RIP) as referred to in Spirit’s web-biography are not so noticeable on his debut album, as it is much heavier. It would be über-cool if the musician would put a band together and bring the tracks to the live stage. Mosh pits, stage divers and aching muscles are guaranteed. Variations in tempo or alternations of any kind are not really evident on this album, but – if I have interpreted the album correctly – that does not appear to have been the intention. It’s about rocking out from the start. I really like the distinctive rock roots and can imagine “Gelbcreutz of Justice” being a hit with friends of heavy rock.

“Spirit of the Ecstasy” will well suit those who like Rock’n’Roll with raw vocals. Definitely not for aesthetes or sound purists, as “Gelbcreutz of Justice” speaks directly to those who love it hard and heavy in true Motörhead style.

Line-up: Spirit (vocals, lead & rhythm guitars, bass, drums)"
Translation TLKF for BLASKET-RECORDS ®.

Read the entire review here here (German language):