Words and Music by Spirit of the Ecstasy
© 2013 All rights reserved

Mick is waiting, Brian is citing
Ian is smoking a cigarette
Phil is pleased about his new beret
the landing craft is slipping away
the sky is dark the waves are ok
thousands of vessels cover the sea
the  calm is illusive, Old World must be free

Refrain 1
It's D-Day tomorrow,
time to attack
it's d-day tomorrow,
God knows our tack
before you will wake up
we will strike back
tomorrow it's D-Day, it's D-Day
it's D-Day
The night is black, Jeff tows his pack
Andrew is checking again his carbine
Killian is hoping his will be fine
after an hour the wind's getting strong
the vessels are swaying, the journey gets long
the faces turn green, the sea is quite rough
sickness will come up but New World is tough

Refrain 1

All men are silent, some hold their hand
Father is praying a small final bless
corporal's trying to calm down the mess
what will get stronger, sickness or fear
put on the helmets, sort out their gear
Normandy's coast will shortly appear
a fleet of fregates starts firing from rear

Refrain 1

Fire from coast line must get a fine
Normandy's coast visible clear
Omaha beach invasion comes near
landing craft's gates open to hell
the beach is a minefield, in droves they fell
gallons of blood are starting to jell
take shelter brave man, the rival stands well
Refrain 2
It's D-Day this morning
it's time to fight
it's D-Day this morning
God knows we're right
before you will wake up
you will have died
this morning it's D-Day,
it's D-Day, it's D-Day

Refrain 2