Noise of Pleasure

Words and Music by Spirit of the Ecstasy
© 2011 All rights reserved

Once I met a pretty lady
her dark brown eyes made me cheeky
thought by myself 'What waiting for?'
I took heart and said to her:
    'I wanna make you happy
    I wanna make you noisy'
Ok, my friend she laughed to me
Show me what happyness could be
    Left the party, had no choice
as we laid down I heard her noise:

When we woke up she looked so glad
But as she said 'I don't feel bad
although that I am married'
I feld that I turned worried.
    She said: 'You are not crazy
    come on and make me noisy.'
Since we were full of craving
we could not stand temptation
    We had a dring, took the choice
we hurried up, I heard her noise:

By the first light of the next day
I heard that little lady say:
'I still can't leave this room, baby
could you be so kind and make me
    another time that happy
    another time that noisy'
I agreed but I was tired
I said to me you must be weird
    but however was in leisure
she gave me the noise of pleasure:

At ten we were awoke again
I felt that I was an old man
'Darling' she said, 'I need a breakfast'
I took the phone and gave my best
    But I could not get a meal
    Little lady said ' I feel
the only thing that you can do
is make me feel that I want you'
    But I was tired fell asleep
had a dream 'bout noise of pleasure.