Blitzkrieg over Birmingham

Words and Music by Spirit of the Ecstasy
© 2011 All rights reserved

Twentyseventh of July
clear skies perfect day to fly
lingusboeing left the ground
shortly later a strange sound.

Blitzkrieg over Birmingham
convinced of doing right again.

Pilote sent an S.O.S.
starboard engine is a mess
instruments are flashing weird
sensors say we have a fire

Blitzkrieg over Birmingham
sadism has appeared again.

Aircraft crawled to stratosphere
passengers were full of fear
starboard engine was shut down
larboard engine worked alone.

Blitzkrieg over Birmingham
injustice's coming closer then.

Never saw such a dark sky
on a Frankfurt - Dublin fly
business people praying calm
cabin crew was on alarm.

Blitzkrieg over Birmingham
mothers lose their sons again.

Spaceborne tapping laser beam
made the engine's cable scream
struggling over Birmingham
close to crash, hard landing then.

Blitzkrieg over Birmingham
blitzkrieg's over you again.